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NASA's Earth Day #GlobalSelfie

NASA is inviting people all around the world to step outside on Earth Day, April 22, take a "selfie," and share it with the world on social media.

NASA Celebrates Earth Day with Public Events, Online Activities

NASA will celebrate the 44th anniversary of Earth Day with a variety activities April 21-27 to engage the public in the agency’s mission to better understand and protect our home planet.

NASA Simulation Portrays Ozone Intrusions From Aloft

Outdoor enthusiasts in Colorado's Front Range enjoy the remarkable visibility brought about by dry, clear air and wind. But it's the unseen that has attracted the interest of NASA scientists....
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Still from Paint by Particle simulation of the atmosphere that captured how winds move aerosols around the world

GMAO Annual Report & Research Highlights 2011-2012

Over the last year, the Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO) has continued to advance our GEOS-5-based systems, updating products for both weather and climate applications.
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GMAO featured in Physics Today's Back Scatter

Physics Today featured two GMAO worldwide weather visualizations for its January 2014 issue's "Back Scatter."

Discover Magazine: Image of the Day

Discover Magazine selects the GEOS-5 visualization of global wind patterns as its Image of the Day.

Technical Memorandum on Atmospheric Reanalyses is now available

The NASA Technical Memorandum, Atmospheric Reanalyses—Recent Progress and Prospects for the Future. A Report from a Technical Workshop, April 2010 (TM—2012-104606-Vol 29) is now available.

In April 2010, developers representing each of the major reanalysis centers met at Goddard to discuss technical issues—system advances and lessons learned—associated with recent and ongoing atmospheric reanalyses and plans for the future. The meeting included overviews of each center's development efforts, a discussion of the issues in observations, models and data assimilation, and, finally, identification of priorities for future directions and potential areas of collaboration. This report summarizes the deliberations and recommendations from the meeting as well as some advances since the workshop.
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