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NASA Highlights Mission Advances at Supercomputing Conference

From our home planet to the far reaches of space, NASA will highlight mission advances enabled by agency supercomputers at SC14, the international supercomputing conference, Nov. 16-21, New Orleans.

‘Pulse of Our Planet’: Watching Earth’s Vital Signs

On Sept. 10, “Vital Signs: Pulse of Our Planet” premiered at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, showcasing some of NASA’s most exciting Earth observations of our dynamic planet.

Magnetic Connections

Magnetic field lines arched and twisted above a small group of active regions and even reached out to connect to each other (Aug. 18-20, 2014).

NASA to Investigate Climate Impacts of Arctic Sea Ice Loss

A new NASA field campaign - the Arctic Radiation IceBridge Sea and Ice Experiment (ARISE) - will begin flights over the Arctic this summer to study the effect of sea ice retreat on Arctic climate.

NASA Visualization Explorer Now Available For All iOS Devices

The popular NASA Visualization Explorer app, first launched for the iPad in July 2011, is now available for the iPhone and all Apple iOS devices.

Heating Up

Explore climate model projections of 21st century global temperatures in visualizations from NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio and the NASA Center for Climate Simulation.

NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio Wins First Place in Video Contest

The data visualization studio at NASA Goddard, was awarded first place for its video entry in a visualization challenge sponsored by the journal Science and the National Science Foundation.

NASA Premieres Unique Film on Water on Spherical Screen

NASA has created a unique spherical film showing water's journey and extensive impact as it cycles through Earth.

NASA Releases New Earthrise Simulation Video

NASA has issued a new visualization of the events leading to one of the iconic photographs of the 20th century: Earth rising over the moon, as captured by the crew of the Apollo 8 mission.

'Earthrise' A New Visualization - 45th Anniversary of Apollo 8 Viewing Earth from Space

It was 45 years ago, on December 24, 1968 when Apollo 8 astronauts captured 'Earthrise' – the first color photograph of Earth taken by a person in lunar orbit.

NASA Highlights Mars, Ozone Hole, and the Sun at American Geophysical Union

NASA researchers will present new findings on a wide range of Earth and space science topics next week at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU).

Comet ISON at 9:30 a.m. EST

Comet ISON moves ever closer to the sun in this image from ESA and NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, or SOHO, captured at 9:30 a.m. EST on Nov. 28, 2013.

How to Cook a Comet

A comet's journey through the solar system is perilous and violent. The intense radiation and pressure as it flies near to the surface of the sun could destroy it

NASA Experts Showcase Science, Technology at Supercomputing Conference

Some of NASA’s best and brightest will showcase more than 30 of the agency’s exciting computational achievements at SC13, the international supercomputing conference, Nov. 17-22, 2013, in Denver.

Climate Models Show Potential 21st Century Temperature, Precipitation Changes

New visualizations from the NASA Center for Climate Simulation and Scientific Visualization Studio show how climate models used in the new IPCC report estimate possible 21st century changes.

Science Outreach Reaches In

Some 60 scientists, researchers, interns and outreach personnel manned stations for the annual Science Jamboree at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., on July 16.

Planet on Fire

Combining observations from the MODIS instruments onboard NASA's Terra and Aqua satellites with the GEOS-5/GOCART atmosphere model reveals fire's global reach.

Fermi's Motion Produces a Study in Spirograph

A Fermi scientist has transformed LAT data of a famous pulsar into a mesmerizing movie that visually encapsulates the spacecraft's complex motion.

Simulations Uncover 'Flashy' Secrets of Merging Black Holes

Scientists use simulations to investigate what kind of "flash" might be seen by telescopes when astronomers ultimately find gravitational signals from merging black holes.

Simulated Nature Runs its Course

A NASA Goddard climate model called GEOS-5 revisited the extraordinary 2005 Atlantic hurricane season as part of a gigantic two-year simulation run on Goddard’s Discover supercomputer.

Computer Graphics Group Selects NASA Earth Visuals for Showcase

An annual conference that presents and publishes the best in computer graphics and technical research chose a NASA visualization as one of its select entries of 2012.

Two NASA Visualizations Selected for Computer Graphics Showcase

A NASA computer animation that shows how the sun's heat drives the Earth's swirling winds and ocean currents and a series that tours the lunar surface and the evolution of the moon have been selected by the annual SIGGRAPH conference.

NASA Takes Marriage of Art and Science to New Heights

The world's ocean currents have been brought to life in stunning detail by a team of animators at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. (Video: 4:11)
NASA Views Our Perpetual Ocean

Asteroids, Mars and Drought Among NASA News Highlights at AGU

NASA researchers will present new findings on a wide range of Earth and space science topics at the 2011 fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union.
Complete list of NASA-related AGU news briefings

NASA Releases Visual Tour of Earth's Fires

NASA has released a series of new satellite data visualizations that show tens of millions of fires detected worldwide from space since 2002.
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