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Smoke from Fires in Southwestern Oregon, Northern California

This satellite image shows smoke from several fires in Oregon and California on Aug. 2, 2015.

A Large Blanket of Smoke from the Wolverine Fire, Washington

NASA's Terra satellite spotted a large area of smoke from the Wolverine Fire that stretched over central and western Washington, northern Idaho and into western Montana.

Sea Ice near Greenland

As the northern hemisphere experiences its warmest months of the year, ice is moving and melting in Arctic waters and on the frozen lands that surround it.

Fires in Angola, Zambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Widespread agricultural burning continues throughout central Africa, and smoke and fires were detected by NASA's Aqua satellite.

Rocky Fire, California: July 30, 2015

The Rocky Fire in Lake County, California, is generating enough smoke to be seen from space. The fire is located in Lower Lake, about 30 miles north of Santa Rosa.

Fires on Australia's Melville Island

Several fires were burning on Melville Island, located north of mainland Australia on July 20, 2015.

Fire in Southern Greece

Smoke from a fire burning in the Lakonia area on the tip of Greece's southern Peloponnese peninsula was seen on July 17, 2015.

Siberian Smoke Drifts Across Russia to the Sea of Okhotsk

The MODIS instrument on the Terra satellite captured this image of the smoke drifting eastward from the devastating Siberian fires that have broken out all over Eastern Russia.

Croatian Island Fires Causing Summer Havoc

Firefighters in Croatia have been on high alert during this current fire season.

Reynolds Creek Fire, Montana

The Reynolds Creek Fire was reported on Tuesday, July, 21, 2015 near Grizzly Point, approximately six miles east of Logan Pass.

Sea Ice in the Greenland Sea

Summer brought melting swirls of sea ice to the eastern coast of Greenland.

Fire Season 2015 in Alaska Set to Break Records

Fires have raged throughout Alaska in 2015.

Smoke and Fires in Eastern Asia

Satellite image of smoke rising from the fires in eastern Asia affecting mostly Russia and a few places in China.

Fires Dominate Northern Australia

Fires were scattered across Australia’s northernmost point in late July, 2015.

Eruption of Raung Volcano

One of the most active volcanoes on the Indonesian island of Java spewed fresh ash and gases in early July 2015.

Science Jamboree Attracts Interns, Scientists from Across Goddard

From cryogenically frozen marshmallows and pennies to 3D printed supernova, Tuesday’s Science Jamboree filled the atrium in Building 28 with science displays and demonstrations.

Dozens of Fires Spread Across the Province of Saskatchewan

The fire season this year has been devastating in Canada and there is no end in sight.

U.S.A. Wins World Cup Soccer Title Under Smoky Skies

Soccer fever gripped the U.S. at the same time as the smoke from Canadian wildfires gripped the skies over Vancouver, British Columbia.

Canadian Wildfire Smoke Over U.S. Great Lakes

The smoke that is billowing from the wildfires currently plaguing Canada have taken the jet stream express into the United States.

Smoke Fills Alaskan Skies From Scores of Wildfires

NASA's Aqua satellite shows multiple wildfires across Alaska.

Exploring Reefs from Space

Until recently, global maps of coral reefs had not changed much since the days of Charles Darwin.

Canadian Smoke Now Over U.S. East Coast

The smoke from the Canadian wildfires that was in the middle of the U.S. on June 30 has drifted its way to the East Coast obscuring parts of the coast from New Jersey to North Carolina.

Dozens of Alaskan Wildfires Detected by NASA Satellite

Dozens of wildfires have broken out in the Alaska wilderness this fire season.

Canadian Fires Continue

Canada is reeling from an early fire season this year as dozens of fires ravage at least three provinces of the country.

Smoke From Canadian Fires Drifts Down Into U.S.

On June 10, 2015, a Terra satellite image showed smoke from the Canadian fires drifting down over the U.S. mid-West.
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