2010 Significant Efforts

17.8-Gbps Disk-to-Disk File Copies Achieved Via Workstations Costing Less Than $9,000

As part of plans to assess the throughput performance of wide-area file transfer applications, GSFC’s High End Computer Network Team specified and assembled workstations that individually costs less than $9,000 and are capable of over 17.8 gigabits per second (Gbps) disk-to-disk file copying. Each workstation consists of a 3.2-GHz single-processor (quad core) Intel Core i7 (Nehalem) with four HighPoint RocketRaid 4320 RAID disk controllers and a Myricom 2-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet network interface card in the PCIe Gen2 slots of a Asus P6T6 WS Revolution motherboard. Each RAID controller hosts eight Western Digital WD5001AALS 500-gigabyte disks. Over 17.8-Gbps disk-to-disk file-copying throughput between two of the workstations was measured using the nuttscp ( file copying tool. While SSD technology is next to be investigated, parallelism of multiple cores and multiple streams is likely to be key to going to 40-Gbps and beyond, since individual cores are not getting significantly faster. Additional information is available.

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