2010 Significant Efforts

GSFC's HECN Team Demonstrates "Live" High-Definition Video-Conferencing With A Roll-About HD VC Station Connected via GSFC's Wireless Guest Network.

Code 606.1's High End Computer Network (HECN) Team delivered a technological "first" for GSFC by demonstrating "live" high-definition (HD) video-conferencing (VC) between a HECN Team-assembled roll-about VC station at SED's 2Jun10 Science Jamboree on the mall in front of GSFC's building 8 and three other remote VC stations, two in building 28 connected to GSFC's Science and Engineering Network and one totally external to GSFC. The technological "first" for GSFC was provided as the roll-about station transmitted and received its high-quality HD VC via GSFC's wireless Guest Network, sharing that wireless network's very limited bandwidth with a number of other Jamboree participants and attendees. The "first" was enabled by the HECN Team's use of Lifesize's remote-user-controlled-ptz HD video-camera integrated with Lifesize's codec that digitized the images, greatly compressed them using H.261 standards, and transmitted them as regular Internet traffic. A highlights slide together with one identifying the Team and their major responsibilities is provided

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