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The High End Computer Networking (HECN) Team supplies and maintains high performance networks for GSFC users that require advanced network capabilities, along with conducting advanced network technology research and development.
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The Information Technology (IT) Security Group works to maintain the safety and security of the Sciences and Exploration Directorate's computer networks and data.
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The SED Virtual Machine Environment (SEDVME) centrally hosts and manages web server and data applications for Code 600. NASA Goddard employees can get more in-depth information about the SEDVME facility at this internal website.
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The SED Web Services Group provides comprehensive support for the Sciences and Exploration Directorate's web presence.

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The Networks and Information Technology (IT) Security Group provides information technology infrastructure and support to the Sciences and Exploration Directorate (SED) at Goddard. To achieve this goal, the Group collaborates with the Center Chief Information Officer, the Information Technology and Communications Directorate, and other Center organizations.

The Group provides strategic high-end network planning, services, and capabilities to meet the growing science research and mission requirements of the SED. The Group also protects Directorate systems and data from intrusions and ensures that systems, information, and networks meet NASA and Goddard Space Flight Center security requirements.

In addition, the Group provides comprehensive support to the Directorate's web presence, playing a leadership role on the SED Web Council and implementing SED policies for the information architecture, design, and security requirements of its web sites.

Finally, the Group is responsible for the implementation of a virtual machine environment to centrally host and manage server applications for the SED.

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