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Earth Matters Blog: Earth’s Radiation Budget is Out of Balance

Researchers have found that Earth’s energy imbalance approximately doubled during the 14-year period from 2005 to 2019.

Earth Day Webcast Features Earth Science and Engineering

Ryan Kramer (613/UMBC), along with Aprille Ericsson (550) and Janelle Wellons, appeared on the educational webcast “All Things Aviation & Aerospace” on Earth Day to discuss their jobs and provide advice for pursuing a career in earth science and engineering.

Study Directly Links Humans to Climate Change

Ryan Kramer was interviewed by FOX for a story reported through FOX-affiliated TV stations about his recent study “Observational Evidence of Increasing Global Radiative Forcing” with Lazaros Oreopoulos (613) and collaborators. The study has been featured by the NASA News Team and by other media outlets nationally and internationally, including CBS News.
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The Climate and Radiation Laboratory seeks a better understanding of Earth's climate on all time scales, from daily, seasonal, and interannual variability through changes on geologic time scales. Our research focuses on integrated studies of atmospheric measurements from satellites, aircraft and in-situ platforms, numerical modeling, and climate analysis.

We investigate atmospheric radiation, both as a driver for climate change and as a tool for the remote sensing of Earth's atmosphere and surface. The Laboratory research program strives to better understand how our planet reached its present state, and how it may respond to future drivers of change, both natural and anthropogenic.

For further information, data, research, and other resources, see Climate and Radiation Research.

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