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A Dusty Day in Northeastern China

A low-pressure system lifted sand and dust from the Gobi Desert and darkened skies in Beijing.

Freddy Delivers Another Blow

The storm’s arrival in Malawi and Mozambique unleashed destructive floods and mudslides.

Precipitation Piles on in California

Successive atmospheric rivers in March dropped even more rain and snow throughout the state.

Floods Swamp Australia’s Northern Territory

Days of rain have swollen rivers and lakes in the sparsely populated territory.

Dark Nights in Antakya

In the days after strong earthquakes struck Türkiye, significant destruction left many areas without electric power.

Fires Scar the Chilean Landscape

The outbreak of fires in early February 2023 has diminished, but the burned area remained visible from space.

Great Lakes Low on Ice

This winter, ice cover in the basin has hovered at unusually low levels.

Snow and Haze in Utah

Snowy surfaces increase the chance of temperature inversions, which contribute to air quality problems in the Salt Lake City area.

Cyclone Gabrielle Lashes New Zealand

The storm’s heavy rain in mid-February 2023 has added to an unusually wet start to the year.

Fires Blaze Through South-Central Chile

Hot, dry winds fanned the flames of widespread fires in Chile.

A Dry Lake Hamun Means More Dust Storms

When the seasonal lake and wetlands in the Sistan Basin dry out, dust often fills the sky.

Sichuan’s Smoggy Basin

The waters of an ancient lake once pooled in this basin in southwestern China. Now haze and air pollution do the same.

Cheneso Floods Madagascar

Heavy rain from the tropical cyclone triggered flash floods and landslides along the island nation’s northwestern coast.

NASA Spinoffs Bolster Climate Resilience, Improve Medical Care, More

The latest edition of NASA’s Spinoff publication features dozens of new commercialized technologies that use the agency’s technology, research, and/or expertise to benefit people around the globe. It also includes a section highlighting technologies of tomorrow.

Antarctica’s Brunt Ice Shelf Finally Breaks

A long-watched rift has spawned an iceberg about twice the size of New York City.

Floodwater Reaches Australia’s Channel Country

After several weeks of heavy rainfall in northern Queensland, the water has worked its way south.

An Outpouring of Color

Following a siege of atmospheric rivers, sediment billowed into the Pacific Ocean along the California coastline.

When Clouds Cave

When airplanes pass through clouds with supercooled water droplets, they can leave distinctive holes in their wake.

Clear Days for Iceberg Spotting

The summer sky was unusually cloud-free when NASA’s Aqua satellite passed over the Antarctic Peninsula.

Flooding Along Australia’s Fitzroy River

Rainfall from an ex-tropical cyclone raised the river to record-high levels, flooding and isolating nearby communities.

Floodwater Inundates North-Central California

Heavy rain and levee breaches triggered flooding in parts of Sacramento and the Bay Area.

Blizzard Conditions in the U.S. Northeast

An Arctic cold front swept across the Great Lakes and brought fierce winds and potent lake-effect snow.

NASA’s SMCE Team Helps Scientists Develop Collaborative Cloud Computing Projects

An agile team of computer experts at NASA Goddard helps scientists collaborate and develop Open Science projects in astrophysics, Earth science, biology, and heliophysics by creating the SMCE managed cloud environment for science.

Worst Drought on Record Parches Horn of Africa

The most severe drought in 70 years of record keeping threatens the Horn of Africa with famine.

NASA Press Events at 2022 Fall AGU Meeting

NASA researchers will be presenting findings on Earth and space sciences Dec.12-16 at the American Geophysical Union's 2022 Fall meeting, being held virtually and in Chicago this year.

Now displaying records 1 to 25 of 1266.

Results Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 51
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