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Heliophysicist Eftyhia Zesta - IRAD Innovator of the Year (2020)

photo of E. Zesta Goddard’s Office of the Chief Technologist has named heliophysicist Eftyhia Zesta as this year’s FY20 Internal Research and Development (IRAD) Innovator of the Year, an honor the office bestows annually on individuals who demonstrate the best in innovation. An expert in measuring magnetic fields, Zesta pioneered the development of smaller, cheaper, and less power-hungry magnetometers. These instruments are ideal for small and mid-sized missions and in areas where magnetic background noise can render more-specialized sensors impractical. Read the article in the Cutting Edge magazine, starting on page 3.

Two SED Scientists Honored as APS Fellows

Li-Jen Chen was nominated by the APS Division of Plasma Physics for pioneering observational and theoretical contributions to the understanding of collisionless plasma dynamics; especially collisionless magnetic reconnection.

Rita M. Sambruna was selected by the APS Division of Astrophysics for exceptional contributions to the fundamental understanding of relativistic jets from supermassive black holes, and for leadership in, and service to, the field of astrophysics.
Li Jen ChenRita Sambruna

Poster Blowout 2019 is in the books!

photo of people at the poster party

Photos from this year's Poster Blowout are available now. Congratulations to everyone, especially this year's winners!

Poster Blowout 2018

Note from the Director:
I would like to thank the Director’s Science Committee for putting on an amazingly successful event where scientists and engineers across Goddard shared their work and made new contacts. The interdisciplinary interactions were especially exciting and crossed all four science disciplines.

Click the title of this news item or the image below for more images from the poster party. scientists standing in front of a poster

Technologies Showcased on Dellingr’s Debut Flight

photo f Zesta and Bonalsky with the instrument Principal Investigators Eftyhia Zesta and Todd Bonalsky created boom and no-boom magnetometer systems for Dellingr. They are pictured here in Goddard’s magnetic calibration facility during Dellingr’s magnetic testing. Read the article about Dellingr in Cutting Edge.

Colin Komar wins AGU Basu award

Goddard magnetospheric scientist Colin Komar was recently awarded the American Geophysical Union Basu United States Early Career Award for Research Excellence in Sun-Earth Systems Science. The AGU Space Physics and Aeronomy Section announced the award, recognizing Komar’s outstanding research in the sun-Earth connection.

Science Jamboree event photos

The 2016 Science Jamboree was a great success! A collection of 50 photos from the event are available now.

GSFC Intern is semi-finalist in Siemens Competition

James Sullivan, a 2013 summer intern from the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Alexandria, VA), has been selected as a Semifinalist in the 2013 Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology. Jamie¹s research was on "Using Multi-Spacecraft Observations to Determine AKR Emission Cone Structure." His mentors were Shing Fung (673) and Leonard Garcia (Wyle/605/673).

MMS Science

Tom Moore (670), Michael Hesse (670), Guan Le (673) and Ken Bromund (673) (also T. Cline/Honeywell and G Collinson/ORAU) participated in the MMS Science Working Team (SWT) and Science Working Groups (SWG) being held the week of 20-21 March, at the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). This SWT includes a day of open science contributions as well as more programmatic and technical material. Mel Goldstein, Craig Pollock, and Bill Paterson (all 673) also participated in the SWT. Goldstein reported the latest results on "Dissipation of magnetofluid turbulence" and the work by John Dorelli (673) on "FPI moments error analysis and in-flight calibration (with applications to a simulated electron diffusion region crossing at the dayside magnetopause)."

HSD members attend JUICE Meeting.

Edward Sittler (673), John Cooper (672), and Nikolaos Paschalidis (670) attended the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE) Plasma Consortium Meeting at the Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas (LPP) at the Ãcole Polytechnique near Paris. They were invited to attend by invitation from the Consortium leader, Nicolas Andrà of the Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planetologie (IRAP) at Toulouse to discuss collaboration on science and instrumentation for measurements of plasma particles in the Jupiter magnetospheric and moon ionospheric environments for the European Space Agency's proposed JUICE mission to the Jupiter system. The JUICE mission includes two flybys of the ocean moon Europa and orbital operations at the magnetic moon Ganymede.

J Cooper (672) presented at the Eyes of Enceladus session at the 2011 Fall AGU meeting.


John Cooper (672) and co-authors (Ed Sittler/673, Alexander Lipatov/673-GPHI, Steve Sturner/661-CRESST) gave the presentation “Astrobiological Journeys to and from the South Polar Sea of Enceladus – Bidirectional Interactions with the Saturn Magmetosphere” in the Eyes of Enceladus session at the 2011 Fall AGU meeting. This presentation addressed flows of chemical energy via magnetospheric electron irradiation into the Enceladus surface and interior, and the feedbacks from the putative south polar sea below the irradiated surface to the magnetosphere.

E. Sittler awarded the 2011 Robert H. Goddard Individual Science Award

Edward Sittler (673) has been awarded the 2011 Robert H. Goddard Individual Science Award for his outstanding contributions to Goddard’s mission. Teresa Mautino (603), HSD Business Management Officer, has been awarded the Individual Professional Administrative Award for her exceptional effectiveness in strategically managing HSD finances. The awards will presented at the Robert H. Goddard Annual Honor Awards Ceremony on November 29.

S. Fung's intern, Huy Lam, was selected as one of the 2011 Siemens Science Competition semi-finalists.

Huy Lam, from Poolesville High School in Montgomery County, Maryland, has been selected as one of the 2011 Siemens Science Competition semi-finalists. His research project was “A Multi-Spacecraft Approach to Studying Auroral Kilometric Radiation Using the Virtual Wave Observatory.” Huy worked as a National Space Club Scholar during the past summer with Leonard Garcia (605/672/Wyle) and Shing Fung (673) as mentors.

E Sittler attends EPSC-DPS 2011 meeting.

Ed Sittler (673) attended the EPSC-DPS 2011 meeting in Nantes, France. He gave a talk entitled “Plasma IMS Composition Measurement for Europa, Ganymede, and the Jovian System” on Europa's interaction with Jupiter's magnetosphere. Co-authors included R. Hartle (670), W. Paterson (673), E. Christian (672), A. Lipatov, P. Mahaffy (699), N. Paschalidis (670), M. Sarantos (673/UMBC), M. Coplan, T. Cassidy and P. Wurz. The results emphasize how important for understanding the magnetosphere and its interaction it is to ascertain the amount of plasma that originated from Io. Sittler and colleagues highlighted some of the requirements for the plasma package instrument. He also gave a poster entitled “Rotation Rate of Saturn’s Magnetosphere using CAPS Plasma Measurements” that presented new 3D plasma moments from the CAPS IMS that showed evidence of corotational flows within Saturn's inner magnetosphere. Co-authors included J. Cooper (672), R. Hartle, D. Simpson (587), R. Johnson (672), M. Thomsen, and C. Arridge.

M Goldstein attends MMS SWT and SWG meetings

Melvyn Goldstein (673), PI of the GSFC-UCLA Interdisciplinary Science Team for MMS, attended the MMS Science Working Team and Science Working Group meetings held last week at the University of New Hampshire. He reported on the activities of the team, which is investigating the global and kinetic properties of magnetic reconnection in Earth's magnetosphere.

A Glocer attends 2011 Joint Annual Conference of the NSBP and the NSHP.

Alex Glocer (673) represented Goddard (together with Piers Sellers/600 and Howard Kea/111) and HSD at the 2011 Joint Annual Conference of the National Society of Black Physicists and the National Society of Hispanic Physicists in Austin. He delivered a talk on his research titled "Modeling the quiet time outflow solution in the polar cap", and spoke with students and other visitors at the GSFC booth.

Y Collado-Vega receives NASA Group Achievement Award

Yaireska (Yari) Collado-Vega (673) received a NASA Group Achievement Award as part of her participation in the GSFC Middle School Summer of Innovation.

HSD members participate in the Emerging Commercial Suborbital Opportunities Workshop

Members of the Heliophysics Science Division participated in the Emerging Commercial Suborbital Opportunities Workshop held at GSFC on September 7, sponsored by the GSFC Innovative Partnerships Program office. Doug Rabin (670) presented an overview of heliophysics science objectives and examples of objectives that could be pursued from suborbital vehicles that have a relatively low (~100 km) apogees. This was followed by a panel discussion in which Steven Christe (671), Sarah Jones (670), and Nick Paschalidis (670) participated. Ed Sittler (673) also attended.

M-C Fok visits Kirtland Air Force Base

Mei-Ching Fok (Code 673) visited the Air Force Research Laboratory in Kirtland Air Force Base and gave a seminar on "Radiation Belt Environment Model: Application to Space Weather and Beyond"

E Sittler and J Cooper attend JUICE mission meeting.

Ed Sittler (673) and John Cooper (672) attended the JUpiter ICy moon Explorer (JUICE) meeting at Meudon Observatory near Paris. They are actively participating in the meeting discussions where ESA is re-formulating their L1 Jupiter Ganymede Orbiter (JGO) mission, now called JUICE after the elimination of the Jupiter Europa Orbiter component. Cooper presented a poster entitled “Compositional Impact of Io Volcanism and Jupiter Magnetospheric Interaction on the Icy Galilean Moons.”

R. F. Benson co-chairs special joint session at the XXX General Assembly and Scientific Symposium of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI).

R. F. Benson co-chaired a special joint session between Commissions G (Ionosphere) and H (Waves in Plasmas) entitled Radio sounding in ionospheres and magnetospheres and associated phenomena at the XXX General Assembly and Scientific Symposium of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI) in Istanbul, August 13-20, where he presented two papers and co-authored three others.

Y Collado-Vega selected as member of NDP.

Yaireska (Yari) Collado-Vega (673) has been selected to be part of the New and Developing Professionals (NDP) Advisory Committee as the 600 Directorate Representative organizational back-up. The NDP objective is to establish a better community of new developing professionals at the Center.

M Goldstein, G Lee, and M Saito present invited talks at ISPS.

At the 2011 International Space Plasma Symposium (ISPS) held last week in Tainan, Taiwan, Melvyn Goldstein (673) presented an invited talk, “Observational Evidence of How Magnetofluid Turbulence in the Solar Wind Dissipates.” Guan Le and Miho Saito (both 674) presented invited talks at the same meeting, “Observations of a Unique Type of ULF Wave by the Low Latitude Space Technology 5 Mission” and “Growth Time of Storm-Time Substorms on April 5, 2010: Multi-Spacecraft Analysis.”

M Fok visits Kyung Hee University in Korea.

Mei-Ching Fok (673) was invited to visit Kyung Hee University in Korea. She delivered two lectures: “Kinetic Simulation and Energetic Neutral Atom Imaging of the Magnetosphere” and “Radiation Belt Environment Model: Application to Space Weather and Beyond.”

HSD staff and teams receive 2011 NASA Honor Awards

The following individuals and teams associated with the Heliophysics Science Division were recognized in the announcement of 2011 NASA Honor Awards: Dr. John Sigwarth (670), Dr. Mei-Ching Fok (673), FASTSAT Instrument Development Team, TIMED/SEE Science Team, IBEX Science Team, Solar Dynamics Observatory Ground System Team, Solar Dynamics Observatory Team, Solar Dynamics Observatory Parts and Radiation Team, and Sara Mitchell (660.1).

Now displaying records 1 to 25 of 53.

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