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The Office is responsible for assisting with preparation of procurement request documents for submission to the NASA Grants Procurement System to facilitate funding for annual awards to several hundred planetary science Principal Investigators (total 2018 budget ~$50M).

Office personnel track procurement requests, provide follow-up information during the award process, and interact with NASA Headquarters Resources Analysts and with NASA Peer Review Services and NASA Shared Services Center personnel.

The head of the Office serves as an ombudsman to the university community regarding grant and contract issues; serves as Technical Officer on these grants and contract; and oversees the work of Office support personnel.

For PIs Transferring Institutions

Important information for principal investigators (PIs) moving from one institution to another is included in this this document.

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The Solar System Grants Support Office consists of Dr. David Nava and Ms. Rita Clark.

The Solar System Grants Support Office serves the NASA Headquarters Planetary Science Division in implementing funding plans for NASA Headquarters Research and Analysis programs.

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