AGN seminar

AGN seminar

AGN seminar is a bi-weekly virtual meeting hosted by the X-ray laboratory to dicuss Active Galactic Nuclei research across all wavelengths and subfields of astrophysics. Its aim is to foster scientific discussion and collaboration among people interested in supermassive black holes. We bring together active reserachers from Goddard's Astrophysics Division and the DC metro area universities. We also welcome external speakers. You can see the past and upcoming talks below.

The seminar takes place every other Thursday at 3:00 PM ET. If you are interested in participating or giving a talk, please contact organizers, Anna Ogorzalek, Ryan Tanner, Francesca Civano, Erini Lambrides, or Tim Kallman.

2023 Spring

Date Speaker Institution Title
04/13/2023 Ritesh Ghosh NASA GSFC The curious case of Changing-Look AGNs
04/27/2023 Panayiotis Tzanavaris NASA GSFC/UMBC From X-rays to the submm: Reprocessing of emission from AGN
05/11/2023 Beta Lusso University of Florence The Quasars Hubble Diagram
05/25/2023 Abdu Zoghbi NASA GSFC Inferring Small Scale AGN Structure with Long Term Monitoring
06/08/2023 Giovanni Cresci INAF-Arcetri Bubbles and outflows: the novel JWST/NIRSpec view of the z=1.59 quasar XID2028

2023 Winter

Date Speaker Institution Title
03/30/2023 no meeting N/A N/A
03/23/2023 Ryan Pfeifle NASA GSFC Seeking Out Elusive Giants: Multiwavelength Searches for Dual AGNs in the Local Universe
03/02/2023 Roberta Tripodi INAF The co-evolution between SMBHs and their host-galaxies at z~6
16/02/2023 Xiurui Zhao Center for Astrophysics Active Galactic Nuclei in the NuSTAR Era
02/02/2023 Erini Lambrides NASA GSFC Near and Far in the IR: A Review of Photometric and Spectroscopic AGN Observations and Predictions in the Mid- to -Far Infrared Wavelengths Across Cosmic Time

2022 Summer-Fall hiatus (special seminars only)

Date Speaker Institution Title
1/26/2023 Dhrubojyoti Sengupta University of Bologna X-Ray Vision on Local Obscured AGN
12/15/2022 Mike Koss Eureka Scientific The BASS Data Release 2
11/17/2022 Matteo Guainazzi ESA Dirty Dancing: piercing the dusty environment of merging supermassive black holes
08/25/2022 Navin Sridhar Columbia University Comptonization by magnetic reconnection plasmoids in black hole coronae

2022 Spring

Date Speaker Institution Title
06/02/2022 Maciek Wielgus Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy First image of the black hole shadow in the Galactic Center
05/26/2022 Truong Nhut MPIA Observable Signatures of Supermassive Black Hole Feedback on the CGM: Cosmological Simulations vs X-ray Observations
05/12/2022 Keigo Fukumura JMU Tell-Tale(?) Spectral Signatures of MHD-Driven X-ray Ultra-Fast Outflows in AGNs
04/28/2022 Pallavi Patil NRAO Radio emission from heavily obscured quasars with compact jets
04/14/2022 Haocheng Zhang NASA GSFC Numerical simulation of multi-wavelength blazar emission

2022 Winter

Date Speaker Institution Title
03/31/2022 William Matzko George Mason University Properties of Ionized Outflows in Galaxy Mergers
03/17/2022 no meeting N/A N/A
03/03/2022 no meeting N/A N/A
02/17/2022 Maciek Wielgus Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy Jet launching region of Centaurus A resolved by the Event Horizon Telescope
02/03/2022 Mitchell Revalski Space Telescope Science Institute Modeling the Dynamics of AGN-Driven Outflows in Nearby Galaxies
01/20/2022 Anna Payne University of Hawaii The unusual periodic flares of ASASSN-14ko

2021 Fall

Date Speaker Institution Title
12/2/2021 Erini Lambrides NASA GSFC To Trigger an AGN: Testing the AGN-Merger Paradigm on Less Luminous, Obscured AGN at Cosmic Noon
11/18/2021 Dan Wilkins Stanford University X-ray reverberation and echoes of X-ray flares from behind a black hole
10/28/2021 Tim Waters University of Nevada Las Vegas Understanding clump formation in X-ray irradiated AGN disk atmospheres and ultrafast outflows
10/14/2021 Aryeh Brill NASA GSFC Variability and Spectral Characteristics of Three Flaring Gamma-ray Quasars Observed by VERITAS and Fermi-LAT

2021 Summer

Date Speaker Institution Title
09/30/2021 Demos Kazanas NASA GSFC MHD winds, Warm Absorbers and the AGN SED Properties
09/16/2021 Tiffany Lewis NASA GSFC Modeling Blazar Jets with Particle Transport Methods
09/02/2021 Rozenn Boissay NASA GSFC / University of Maryland Baltimore County Chandra/HETG and NuSTAR observations of the quasar PDS 456 and its Ultra-fast Outflow components
08/19/2021 Sibasish Laha NASA GSFC / University of Maryland Baltimore County The near environments of AGN: A glimpse into feeding and feedback
08/05/2021 Weizhe Liu University of Maryland College Park AGN Feedback in Dwarf Galaxies and ULIRG
07/22/2021 Charlotte Ward University of Maryland College Park The search for intermediate mass black holes in dwarf galaxies
07/08/2021 Ron Gamble NASA GSFC Fantastic Fields And Where To Find Them: Astrophysical Survey of Dynamical Gravitational Strain Tensor Fields

2021 Spring

Date Speaker Institution Title
06/17/2021 Ryan Tanner NASA GSFC Current State of AGN Outflow Simulations
06/03/2021 Tim Kallman NASA GSFC Planned Observations during the XRISM PV Phase
05/20/2021 Kristina Nyland Naval Research Laboratory Young Quasar Jets Revealed by the VLA Sky Survey
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