X-ray Binaries

X-ray Binaries

X-ray binaries contain a collapsed, compact star at the end of its evolution (a neutron star or black hole), accreting material from a more normal star as the two orbit around their common center of mass. Often, this material forms a disk around the compact object. We see a wide range of dramatic phenomena from such systems, including: pulsations from rapidly-spinning neutron stars, intense bursts from thermonuclear burning, eclipses, and dips due to occulting material on the disk edge. X-ray spectroscopy and fast timing studies reveal a wealth of information about the physical processes taking place in these complex systems. The Lab is very active in X-ray binary studies. Some local web pages are linked below.

Current Group Members

  • Tod Strohmayer
  • Peter Bult
  • Katja Pottschmidt
  • Mike Corcoran
  • Tim Kallman

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